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 PolymatrixPCS Presents - The Cyclo Polisher  

Guaranteed not to mar, burn or leave swirl marks, the Cyclo Polisher is a must have for anyone in the business of detailing. The exclusive feature of the Cyclo Polisher is the dual orbital action heads. The overlapping motions simulate gentle hand-rubbing quality and eliminate the danger of heat buildup or swirl marks. It's unique counterbalance construction results in the exceptional stability and smooth operation, it can even be operated with one hand with complete control.

The machine responds to the pressure applied and polishes/scrubs/sands painted or unpainted surfaces with maximum safety and efficiency. The light weight and excellent balance enables the operator to work around complex curves, large area and lower contours without excessive tiring. Changeable bonnets or velcro discs, pads, and brushes allow this versatile polisher to preform a variety of finishing jobs easily and quickly.

The Cyclo Polisher almost does the job by itself. It's ideal for deoxidizing, buffing and glazing paint to a mirror finish. Its balanced design and "4" heads do large areas and hard-to-reach contours with equal efficiency, one handed or two handed. And, whether under light or heavy pressure, it remains steady and safe, from swirls, gouging and heat buildup.

Ideal for all automotive, marine, and RV finishes, the Cyclo Polisher has been the #1 polisher of choice for vintage Airstream trailer and aircraft enthusiasts for decades. It will polish paint, fiberglass, gel coat, metal, plastic, tile and even difficult surfaces such as diamond plate, pitted aluminum and glass. It's even been used to remove puck marks from hockey arena boards.


 PolymatrixPCS - Cyclo Polisher Accessories 

Orange Compounding Pad

An all-in-one cleaning and polishing pad. This high density pad has the power to remove light to heavy scratches and polish the surface.

Recommended Applications: Paint cutting, compounding, swirl removal, polishing, paint deoxidizing, paint cleaning, metal sealant.


White Finishing Pad

This superfine pad is used in final buffing, after polishing with other pads. Excellent for applying sealants and buffing out wax.

Recommended Applications: Extreme shine, final wax buff, wax application, sealant, metal sealant.


Pad Holders

Cyclo Pad Holders are rubber based. They're also fitted with Velcro hook material. This allows the attachment of any Cyclo pad with a velcro loop, in addition to the 600 Grit FastCut Pad. 
Two per machine are required, and they last for months of continuous use. 
As an added bonus, the rubber material prevents the marring of most polished surfaces by the Cyclo should an operator guide the polisher too close to a perpendicular surface.


Green Polishing Pad

A more aggressive pad than the white ones. The pore density makes them perfect for polishing and removing light oxidation for a stunning shine.

Recommended Applications: Excellent for paint cleaning, paint and metal sealants and one-pass paint polishing.


Yellow Cutting Pads

Yellow Cutting Pads

A firm, but versatile pad that can be used for everything from paint cleaning and scratch removing to applying paint polishes and protectants.

Recommended Applications: Excellent for paint cleaning, paint polishing, paint protectants and scratch removal.


Fastcut™ 600 Grit Disc

This coarse nylon pad is strong, durable, and specifically designed for rough surfaces.

Recommended Applications: Excellent for cleaning metal surfaces, tile and grout. Also works as a rust remover.

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