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 Polymatrix Ultra Coat & Polymatrix Ultra Clean 

Polymatrix Ultra Coat is a Photo - Thermal Initiated, Electrostatic, Electromagnetic,
Tri-molecular, Physiochemical, Polymeric Bond.



What is Polymatrix ?

Polymatrix is the process of matrix bonding which combines polymerizations of polymeric compounds to form a semi-transparent polymer coating.

A polymer is characterized as any of numerous naturally occurring or synthetic compounds of usually high molecular weight consisting of repeated linked units, each with a relatively light and simple molecule.

A matrix is characterized as a surrounding substance within which something originates, develops or is contained.

A coating is characterized as any substance that gives a hard glossy finish  to modify the effect of surfaces.

Chemical properties of Maxam Industries incomparable POLYMATRIX polymer coating with polytetra fluoro ethylene, PTFE, is characterized as any of a group of semi-organic polymers combined through electromagnetic cohesion.

The chemical arrangement is characterized  by wide thermal stability, extreme heat resistance, high lubricity, relatively high water repellence and physio-chemical inertness.

These compounds are frequently used in adhesives, lubricants, polishes, oils, protective coatings, paints, electrical insulation, synthetic rubber and prosthetic replacements.

In today's world and in the future, surfaces of aircraft, spacecraft, fleets, automobiles, bicycles, boats, buses, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, trains, trucks and motorcycles are subjected to extremely toxic and acidic substances. These include acid rain, harsh detergents and ultra-violet radiation.

Thermal conditions within the earth's atmosphere when combined with various chemicals may produce corrosion, oxidation and reduced lustre, thus leaving the surface vulnerable to salt, tar, fuel and other chemical substances which may create microscopic surface bonds and make the surface of aluminum, fiber glass, plastic, stainless steel and all painted metals virtually impossible to clean.

The best solution for the protection and beautification of all surfaces is the incomparable Maxam Industries protective coating with PTFE. With the completion of the Polymatrix application, the surface is rendered virtually impervious to penetration by detergents, road salts, tar and oxidation. The high lustre durable finish will give long lasting beauty and protection for years. It'll leave the surface Smoother than Silk to the touch !

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 Protective Coating Systems Presents - The Cyclo Polisher 


The Cyclo Polisher

Guaranteed not to mar, burn or leave swirl marks, the cyclo orbital polisher is a must have for anyone in the auto detailing business. The exclusive feature of the Cyclo Polisher is the dual orbital action heads. The overlapping motions simulate gentle handrubbing quality and eliminate the danger of heat buildup or swirl marks. It's unique couonterbalance construction results in the exceptional stability and smooth operation, it can even be operated with one hand with complete control.

The machine responds to the pressure applied and polishes/scrubs/sands painted or unpainted surfaces with maximum safety and efficiency. The light weight and excellent balance enables the operator to work around complex curves, large area and lower contours without excessive tiring. Changeable bonnets or velcro discs, pads, and brushes allow this versatile polisher to preform a variety of finishing jobs easily and quickly.

The Orbital Polisher almost does the job by itself. It's ideal for deoxidizing, buffing and glazing paint to a mirror finish. Its balanced design and "4" heads do large areas and hard-to-reach contours with equal efficiency, one handed or two handed. And, whether under light or heavy pressure, it remains steady and safe, from swirls, gouging and heat buildup.


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